Creativity, Art and Design have always been part of herself since her childhood.

Stephanie Rens was born in Brussels, capital of Belgium located in the heart of Europe. At a very young age, she travelled around the world, discovering multiple cultures which greatly inspired her and contributed to her passion for designs.

Among her travels, she felt in love with the beautiful city of Miami in Florida. The colorful, exotic and sensual sophistication of the latin and American blends inspired her a lot. She went on to study at “Miami International University of Art and Design” and graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor Degree of Fashion Design. She was part of many fashion events during Miami fashion weeks and was finalist for multiple design contests.

“Designing is in my blood. As a kid i always liked to enhance the beauty of an old object customised clothes and even furniture.I saw the potential to translate it into something more beautiful and original. The day i really felt in love with fashion was the day I realised how one could be seductive and special just because of what they are wearing…the power of dressing.

The impact of clothes and the ability to use your creativity from scratch to reality is simply amazing. That’s precisely why Fashion is my passion”. Being from Belgium, living in Miami followed by working in Paris many years has made Stephanie Rens’s style one of a kind. It is a mix of Miami pop, exotic, sophisticated and glamorous style versus a more elegant modern chic and classic European aesthetic.

Her mission is to value the 21st century women by making them feel confident, modern, unique, feminine, sexy but still elegant.In other words to enhance the beauty, uniqueness and sensuality that resides in every woman.She creates her own one of a kind customised and limited collections that can be worn from day to night.

Stephanie Rens